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Our mobile service is ready for your seat belt call out needs!AucklandSeatbeltsSeatbeltInfo srcset large

Checklist of information we need:

  1. The make, model and year of your car - Is your car a hatchback, sedan or wagon?
  2. The position of the seatbelt which needs replacing - Is it the driver's seat?  Left rear? etc.
  3. Is it a retracting type belt or static type which you need to tighten up yourself after clipping together?
  4. The colour of the seatbelt - Dark grey and black are the two standard colours we carry on board.

The information on the label of the seatbelt can also be handy and noted.  See photo inset right.

Also, does the label have the letters 'PRE' printed on it?  If it does, this indicates that a pre-tensioner seatbelt is installed.